Top 10 Benefit of Royal Canin Persian Cat Food

Special Brachycephalic Jaw

The kibble is designed with an almond shape and optimal contact surface area, making it easier for Persian cats with their flat faces to pick up and chew.

Long Hair Health

Contains nutrients that support healthy skin and a shiny, luxurious coat, which is a hallmark of the Persian breed.

Hairball Reduction

Helps control hairball formation due to the inclusion of psyllium, a fiber that helps eliminate ingested hair.

Digestive Performance

Contains highly digestible proteins and prebiotics to promote healthy digestion and gut flora.

Urinary Health

Formulated to help maintain a healthy urinary tract, which is important for all cats, but especially Persians who may be prone to certain urinary issues.

Dental Health

The kibble's texture helps promote good dental hygiene by encouraging chewing.

Weight Management

Can help Persians maintain a healthy weight, as some can be prone to obesity.

Skin and Coat Health

Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can nourish the skin and promote a healthy coat.

Appetite Appeal

The food is formulated to be palatable and appealing to even picky eaters, which can be common in Persians.

Tailored Nutrition

Provides complete and balanced nutrition that is specifically formulated for the needs of adult Persian cats.

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