About us


Welcome to White Persian Cat.

My name is Darpan Digital Marketing. I am a digital marketer and I work in digital marketing company. I hendling this website.

SEO (search engine optimization) is also a part of digital marketing. What I do, I have about 6 years of SEO experience. Currently, I do SEO for a company’s website and also do brand promotion.

In SEO, I do onpage SEO, offpage SEO, Technical SEO, Google Analytics, Search Console and many more.

If anyone wants to get SEO or digital marketing done for their own website and business promotion then you can contact me. By filling the contact form.

Now let me tell you about this website, why I created this website.

I had only one purpose of making White Persian Cat for blogging because I have good marketing experience.

And I have little interest in pets, cats, so why don’t I share it with people, so I made a website on its feet by funding a micro niche and sharing related information with my target audience.

So in this website you will get all the information related to White Persian Cat, there are many countries in India and all over the world where people love cats and also keep them,

Thank you.