Discovered: White Persian Cat Price in Pakistan October, 2023?

White Persian Cat Price in Pakistan

White Persian Cat Price in Pakistan October, 2023: In this blog, how much is the white persian cat price in Pakistan, how can you buy it and what care will you have to take for it, and we will give you a lot of information about the old cat and its kittens in this blog. 

The white Persian cat charms everyone with its beauty. Well, there is a type of Persian cat. But this beautiful face and its loving nature attracts everyone towards it. It is one of the most bought and best selling cats in the whole world. why people like it so much.

Buy White Persian Cat in Pakistan’s Islamabad Capital Territory, Sindh and Karachi in October, 2023

Buy White Persian Cat in Pakistan

Persian Cat Cost in PakistanPrice
Odd eyed Male Persian cat7500
Three coated Persian cat9000
Percian female cats30000
White cat soft hairs20000
Persian cat pair30000
Persian white cat11000
white tripple coated Persian cat pair25000
White male cat innocent7000
White Female cat6000
Persian blue eyed triple coated (neutered) male cat18000
Pure White British Short Hair Female15000
White Persian Male Cat10000
Cat for Sale (Male)1000
Persian fully Trained Cat Urgent Sale in Lahore12000
Pure Persian Breed Female Cat12800
Persian Single Coat12000
White Persian cat8000
Parsion cat doll face8000
Persian white male20000
Pure persian cat5000
Female Persian cat5000
Russian white cats15000
Russian White cat breeds3000
Fully Vaccinated, Golden-White Persian Cat20000
Trained cat odd eye blue eyes cat30000
Female Snow White Persian Cat14000

White Persian Cat Price in Pakistan OLX

White Persian Cat Price in Pakistan OLX

Male Persian Cat Price in Pakistan olxPrice
Persian Triple coat pure white male kitten cat16000
Persian Fluffy Beautiful Male 4500
Persian Triple Coted5000
Persian Baby Healthy and Cute10000
Odd Eyes Persian Cat Male10000
Persian KItten Karachi18000
Pure Persian Peshawar14500
Persian Kitten Male Rawalpindi10500
Fawn Persian Triple Coated Kitten 10000
Semi Punch Persian Mal Cat Innocent in Lahor10000
FeMale Persian Cat Price in Pakistan olxPrice
White Persian Female Triple Coated15000
Persian Female Multan20000
Persian Punch Face Triple Coat Female Islamabad15000
Persian Kitten Rawalpindi20000
Persian Kitten Lahor10000
Persian White Cat (3 age) Punjab6000
Pure White Persian Cat Lahore13000
Chocolate Persian Triple Coated Female Cat Lahore26000

A few things to keep in mind for your Persian cat.

A few things to keep in mind for your Persian cat

where can you buy a white persian cat in pakistan?

You can buy a Persian cat in Pakistan in two ways

1> Buy Persian cat online

2> Buy Persian cat offline

How do you buy a Persian cat Online?

If you want to buy White Persian cat online, you can use social media platforms. Like by joining groups in Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and others. And even after searching on Google, which cat shop is there near you, from where you can buy your favourite clean Persian cat.

And one thing that means a lot to you. If you want to buy a white Persian cat online, then you also need to take care of how many reviews the cat you like has received. What have people commented about him? You have to keep all that in mind.

How do you buy a Persian cat offline?

You can ask your friends, or you can ask your relatives who know something about cats. You can get information about the cat there too.

Regular Health Treatment and Cat Hospital Visit

If you are buying a White Persian cat. And if you want to keep your Persian cat healthy and fit, then it is necessary to get its regular check-up done and you should know about it. When should the cat’s health check-up be done, after how much time it should be done, for that you need to find a good veterinary hospital.

What should be given to the Persian cat in food?

What food should you give to a Persian cat, what should not be given. When should you feed the cat, when not? In what quantity should you feed the cat so that it is good for its health. Knowing all these things is important for you and your cat.

how can you take care of white precision cat in pakistan

Bathing: When should you bathe a White Persian cat and when should you groom it? It is also important to know and be aware of this.

Feed: You should know what to feed a cat for a healthy cat and when it is beneficial to feed a Persian cat.

Toys: What does a white Persian cat like and what do they play with in toys. With whom does he like to play? What Kind of Toys Should You Buy for Your Cat?

Amazon and Flipkart are the best online product selling company for you to buy your cat toys online. From where you will get your white Persian cat toys.

Sleep: When you can put the cat to sleep and when it should not be put to sleep. How long should you put your cat to sleep during the day? It is important to have all this information.

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  • Face Kittens Persian kittens
  • Round Face Kittens
  • Doll Face Kittens
  • Punch Face Kittens


In this blog, we have tried to give you this information. What is the price of a white Persian cat in Pakistan? And what is the minimum to maximum price of Persian cat in different states of Pakistan. Where can you buy a cat? How can you buy online and offline. How strict are you to keep the cat healthy? How should you care for a Persian cat? We have given all this information to you in this blog.


How much is a Persian cat in rupees?

>> In India, Persian cats can cost anywhere between 8,000 and 40,000 rupees.

What is cost of a Persian cat?

>> Basically, Persian cat cost depends on Age, Colour, Gender and Persian cat price difference in State.

Which cat is best for pet in Pakistan?

>> Siamese cats is the best pet in Pakistan.

Which is the cheapest Persian cat?

>> Price depends on the parents quality and lineage. Persians usually range from INR 8,000-50,000.

What is the Persian cat price in Pakistan, Lahore?

>> online Persian cat price in Pakistan, Lahore is 10000, 12000, and more. Price is different in online different – different website and platform.

How much does a White Persian cat cost in Pakistan?

The price of a White Persian cat in Pakistan can vary, but you can generally find them for around PKR 15,000 to PKR 50,000, depending on factors like pedigree and age.

Are there any rare White Persian cat variations that cost more in Pakistan?

Yes, rare Persian coat colors or specific bloodlines can command higher prices, sometimes exceeding PKR 50,000.

Can I adopt a White Persian cat in Pakistan at a lower price?

Absolutely! Adoption from shelters or rescue organizations is an affordable option, with prices typically ranging from PKR 5,000 to PKR 20,000.

What factors influence the price of White Persian cats in Pakistan?

Several factors, such as breed purity, pedigree, age, and breeder reputation, can affect the price of White Persian cats in Pakistan, so it’s essential to consider these when purchasing one.

Where can I find the best deals on White Persian cat prices in Pakistan?

You can search for reputable breeders, pet stores, or online platforms to compare prices and find the best deals on White Persian cats in Pakistan.

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