Cheapest Pet Market in Mumbai for Persian cat 2024: Cat Price in India Under 2000

Best cheapest pet market in Mumbai Crawford Market! With a wide variety of pets to choose from at competitive prices, you’re sure to find the perfect furry friend for your family.

Now Look at the cheapest pet market in Mumbai, India

Crawford Market is the cheapest pet market in Mumbai. It is located in the Fort area of the mumbai city, and it is very easily accessible by public transportation. Crawford Market is a large wholesale market that sells a variety of goods, including pets and pet supplies. it is special for persian cat.

History of Crawford Market as a Cheapest pet market in Mumbai City of India

History of Crawford Market as a Cheapest pet market in Mumbai City of India

Crawford Market was established in 1869, and it has been a Very popular destination for pet and Persian cat buyers and sellers for many years. This market is home to a variety of pet vendors, including breeders, importers, and wholesalers and more.

Look: Types of pets available at Crawford Market

You can find a wide variety of pets and White Persian Cat at Crawford Market, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, and even exotic pets such as snakes and lizards. The prices for this types of pets in Crawford Market are generally lower than compaire at other pet stores in Mumbai, India.

Prices of pets at Crawford Market

The price for pets at Crawford Market vary depending on the type of pet, the breed, and the age of the pet. For example, a Labrador Retriever puppy can cost anywhere from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 80,000, while a Persian cat kitten can cost anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Challenges and opportunities of running a pet business at Crawford Market

Running a pet business at Crawford Market can be Very challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. The market is very tuff competitive, and it is important to offer high-quality pets at competitive at low prices. However, there is a large demand for pets and Cat in Mumbai, and there is a good opportunity to make a profit.

Interviews with pet vendors at Crawford Market

I have interviewed some pet vendors in Crawford Market to learn more about their experiences. One vendor, who has been selling pets at the market for over 20 years, He told me that the biggest challenge is dealing with the heat and humidity. He loves being able to help every people to find their perfect pet and Cat, and he enjoys other vendors at the market.

Another vendor, who sells exotic pets. He told me that the biggest challenge is finding a reliable source of animals and Pet aswell. He also said that it is very important to knowing customers about the care and feeding of exotic pets. However, he is passionate about his work, and he loves being able to share his knowledge of exotic animals with others.

Photos and videos of Crawford Market

I taken some photos and videos of Crawford Market. and i show the hustle and bustle of the market. The Crawford market is a very busy place, with people constantly coming and going. There is a wide variety of pets on display, and there is something for everyone.

Crawford Market is a unique and fascinating place. It is a place where people from all walks of life come together to buy and sell pets. The market is a vital part of the Mumbai community, and it plays an important role in the lives of the people and pets who visit it.

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A guide to buying a pet from the cheapest pet market in Mumbai

A guide to buying a pet from the cheapest pet market in Mumbai

How to choose a Best pet (Persian cat) from Crawford Market?

When you choosing a pet from Crawford Market, it is very important to consider the following factors in your mind:

•           The type of pet you want: What kind of pet are you looking for? A dog, a cat, a rabbit, a bird, a fish, or an exotic pet?

•           The breed of pet you want: If you are looking for a White Persian cat, what breed of cat do you want? white Persian cat ,Siamese Persian cat, back Persian cat, grey eyes Persian cat? and you want to choose the Persian cat price in India under 2000.

•           The age of pet you want: Do you want a puppy or a kitten? An adult dog or cat?

•           Your lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle when choosing a pet. If you are active, you will need a pet that is also active. If you are home all day, you can choose a pet that is more low-key.

Generally What questions to ask the vendor through Buyer.

Once you have chosen a pet, it is important to ask the vendor the following questions:

•           What is the health history of the Cat?

•           Is the pet vaccinated or not?

•           What kind of food the pet eat?

•           What kind of exercise does the pet need in day?

•           What kind of training does the pet required?

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How to Ensure the Well-being of Your Pet from Cheapest Pet Market in Mumbai

How to Ensure the Well-being of Your Pet from Cheapest Pet Market in Mumbai

Bringing a new pet into your home is an exciting venture, but it comes with great responsibility. In Mumbai, where options abound, Crawford Market stands out as one of the most affordable places to find your furry friend. However, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness should be your top priority. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing a healthy pet from the market, negotiating prices effectively, and understanding the stories of both the pets and the people of Crawford Market.

1. Prioritize Your Pet’s Health

Before bringing a pet home from Crawford Market, it is imperative to ascertain its health and well-being. Follow these steps to ensure your new companion is in top condition:

1.1 Visit a Veterinarian

Take your prospective pet to a trusted veterinarian for a thorough checkup. A vet can identify any underlying health issues and provide valuable guidance on proper pet care.

1.2 Ask Questions

Engage with the vendor about the pet’s history and health. Inquire about vaccinations, medical records, and previous care routines. A responsible vendor will readily provide this information.

2. Negotiating Prices with Vendors

Getting the best deal at Crawford Market requires finesse and research. Here’s how to negotiate effectively:

2.1 Be Willing to Walk Away

If the initial price doesn’t align with your budget, be prepared to walk away. Demonstrating your seriousness can prompt the vendor to reconsider.

2.2 Do Your Homework

Research the fair market value of the pet you intend to buy. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have a solid starting point for negotiations.

2.3 Maintain Respect

Even during tough negotiations, maintain a polite and respectful demeanor. Building rapport with the vendor can improve your chances of striking a favorable deal.

3. The Stories of the Pets and People at Crawford Market

3.1 The Pets at Crawford Market

The pets at Crawford Market come from diverse backgrounds. Some are from breeders, while others are rescues or strays taken in by compassionate vendors. Their stories showcase the market’s heartwarming side:

3.1.1 Rescued Dog’s Tale

One vendor shared the story of a malnourished and mangy dog he rescued from the streets. After receiving proper care, the dog now thrives and lives contentedly with the vendor.

3.1.2 Abandoned Cat’s Transformation

Another vendor recounted finding a scared and shy cat abandoned in a box. With tender care, the cat’s confidence has blossomed, and she now enjoys playful interactions with other market cats.

3.2 The People at Crawford Market

The market attracts people from all walks of life, each with their unique connection to pets:

3.2.1 A Mother’s Search

I spoke with a mother searching for a cat for her son. She found Crawford Market’s prices remarkably affordable compared to other pet stores in Mumbai. The quality of pets also left a positive impression on her.

3.2.2 The Exotic Pet Expert

A seasoned vendor with over two decades of experience shared his knowledge about exotic pets. He passionately educates customers about the care and feeding of these unique animals, enriching their pet-owning experience.

4. Crawford Market’s Role in the Community (Cheapest Pet Market in Mumbai)

Crawford Market is not just a marketplace; it’s a vital part of the Mumbai community. It serves as a hub where people from all walks of life converge to buy and sell pets and share their passion for animals. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for education:

4.1 Affordable Pet Adoption

Crawford Market enables individuals to find loving pets at budget-friendly prices, making pet ownership accessible to a wider audience.

4.2 Pet Education Hub

The market serves as an educational platform, helping people learn about various pet types and how to care for them, ultimately fostering responsible pet ownership.

Additional Considerations Crawford Market in Mumbai

While Crawford Market offers great pet deals, it’s essential to stay vigilant:

  • Health Risks: Some vendors may sell sick or unhealthy animals, so do thorough research.
  • Pet Verification: Always have your pet checked by a veterinarian before taking it home to ensure its well-being.

In conclusion, Crawford Market is indeed the go-to place for those seeking affordable pets in Mumbai. However, responsible pet ownership involves diligence and care. By following these guidelines and being a well-informed pet parent, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for your new companion.


Is Crawford Market a reliable place to buy pets?

Crawford Market can be a reliable place to buy pets if you do your research, choose a reputable vendor, and have the pet checked by a veterinarian before bringing it home.

How can I negotiate prices effectively at Crawford Market?

To negotiate prices effectively, be willing to walk away if the price is too high, do your research on fair market values, and maintain a polite and respectful attitude when bargaining.

Are the pets at Crawford Market well-cared for?

Pets at Crawford Market come from various backgrounds, but responsible vendors generally prioritize their well-being. Ensure you inquire about the pet’s history and health before making a purchase.

Can I find exotic pets at Crawford Market?

Yes, Crawford Market offers a variety of pets, including exotic ones. There are experienced vendors who can provide guidance on the care and feeding of exotic animals.

What should I do if I suspect a pet from Crawford Market is unhealthy?

If you suspect a pet from Crawford Market is unhealthy, consult a veterinarian immediately for a thorough checkup.

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