Persian Cat Price Kerala in 2023: A Complete Guide

Persian Cat Price Kerala: Persian cat are adored worldwide for their luxurious fur, charming round faces, and gentle temperament. They are often a top choice for first-time cat owners due to their relatively low maintenance requirements. However, in Kerala, acquiring a Persian cat can be a significant investment, with Persian Cat Price in Kerala from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 or even higher. Several factors influence the price of a Persian cat in Kerala, including their breed, bloodline, age, health, and appearance.

Factors Impacting on the Persian cat price Kerala

1. Breed Diversity

  • There are various Persian cat breeds, including Doll Face Persians, Chinchilla Persians, and Exotic Shorthairs. Some breeds are rarer and more expensive than others.

2. Bloodline Quality

  • Persian cat with a strong and reputable bloodline tend to be pricier. A good bloodline often signifies a healthier and more desirable temperament.

3. Age Matters

  • Persian kittens usually command higher prices compared to adult cats. This is due to the additional care and attention required for kittens.

4. Health Considerations

  • Persian cats are susceptible to specific health issues such as polycystic kidney disease and tear duct problems. It’s crucial to purchase from reputable breeders who screen their cats for these health concerns.

5. Appearance and Aesthetics

  • Persian cats with desirable features like a thick coat and a round face generally come with higher price tags.

Finding an Affordable Persian Cat in Kerala

Finding an Affordable Persian Cat in Kerala

If you’re looking for an affordable Persian cat in Kerala, consider these tips:

1. Shop Around

  • Compare prices from different pet shops, online classifieds websites, and breeders to find the best deal.

2. Ask About Discounts

  • Many pet shops and breeders offer discounts for multiple cat purchases or during the off-season.

3. Consider Adoption

Adoption from animal shelters and rescue organizations can be a cost-effective way to bring a Persian cat into your home while also saving a cat’s life.

Where to Buy a Persian Cat in Kerala

Where to Buy a Persian Cat in Kerala

You can acquire a Persian cat in Kerala from various sources:

1. Pet Shops

  • Numerous pet shops in Kerala sell Persian cats. However, ensure you buy from a reputable establishment. Inquire about the cat’s lineage and health, and have it examined by a veterinarian before making your decision.

2. Online Classifieds

  • Online classifieds websites offer listings for Persian cats. Be cautious when buying online; always verify the cat’s background and have it checked by a veterinarian.

3. Reputable Breeders

The safest option is to purchase from a reputable breeder. They can provide you with detailed information about the cat’s parents, lineage, and offer valuable advice on cat care.

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Selecting the Right Persian Cat at best price Kerala

When choosing a Persian cat, keep these considerations in mind:

1. Temperament

  • Persian cats are generally known for their sweet and affectionate nature. Meeting the cat in person before adoption is essential to ensure its temperament aligns with your family’s needs.

2. Health Checks

  • Given their predisposition to specific health issues, always pet shops in Keralapet shops in Kerala who conducts health screenings.

3. Aesthetic Preferences

  • Persian cats come in various colors and patterns, so choose one that appeals to your aesthetic preferences.

Caring for Your Persian Cat in Kerala

Owning a Persian cat requires dedication and proper care:

1. Grooming

  • Persian cats need regular grooming to maintain their fur’s health and prevent matting. Daily brushing helps remove loose hair and prevent shedding.

2. Health Maintenance

  • Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to monitor their health and catch potential issues early.

Additional Tips for Acquiring a Persian Cat Price Kerala

Additional Tips for Acquiring a Persian Cat Price Kerala

Here are some more pointers to ensure a smooth adoption process:

  • Inquire about the cat’s parents and lineage to gauge potential health and temperament.
  • Always have the cat examined by a veterinarian before finalizing the purchase.
  • Beware of scams and unscrupulous breeders. Research and buy from a reputable source.
  • Be open to negotiation, especially when purchasing multiple cats or during the off-season.

Providing the Best for Your Persian Cat

For optimal health and happiness, remember these care tips:

  • Feed your Persian cat a high-quality diet with a focus on protein and low carbohydrates.
  • Ensure access to fresh water at all times due to their susceptibility to kidney problems.
  • Maintain a clean and allergen-free environment for your Persian cat.

Incorporate regular playtime into their routine to keep them healthy and content.


Persian cats are exquisite and affectionate companions. While the initial cost may be high, their beauty and love make them a worthy investment. By selecting a White Persian cat carefully and providing proper care, you can enjoy a long and healthy life with your feline friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Persian cat Price (Cost) in Kerala?

The price of a Persian cat in Kerala can range from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 or more, depending on various factors such as breed, age, and health.

Are Persian cats suitable for first-time cat owners?

Yes, Persian cats are a good choice for first-time cat owners due to their gentle temperament and relatively low maintenance.

What are the common health issues in Persian cats?

Persian cats are prone to health issues such as polycystic kidney disease and tear duct problems. It is very important to Regular veterinary check-up monitor their health.

Where can I find reputable Persian cat breeders in Kerala?

Reputable breeders can often be found through cat breed clubs, referrals, or online research. Ensure they provide detailed information about the cat’s lineage and health.

How often should I groom my Persian cat?

Persian cats require daily grooming to maintain their fur and prevent matting. Regular brushing helps remove loose hair and prevent shedding.

What factors contribute to the higher cost of Persian cats in 2023 compared to previous years?

The price of Persian cats in Kerala in 2023 may have increased due to factors such as inflation, changes in demand, and breeding standards. Breed rarity and desirable traits can also impact prices.

Are there any financial assistance programs or organizations that help with the cost of acquiring a Persian cat in Kerala?

While there might not be specific programs for purchasing Persian cats, some animal welfare organizations offer adoption assistance and reduced fees for cats in need of a loving home.

Can I negotiate the price of a Persian cat, and what are some effective negotiation strategies?

Yes, negotiation is often possible, especially with breeders or sellers who have multiple cats available. Effective negotiation strategies include researching the market, being polite, and discussing added value or discounts.

What are the ongoing expenses associated with owning a Persian cat in Kerala apart from the initial purchase price?

Beyond the purchase price, Persian cat owners should budget for expenses like food, grooming supplies, regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and potential unexpected medical costs.

Are there any legal requirements or regulations to consider when buying or owning a Persian cat in Kerala in 2023?

It’s essential to check with local authorities or animal welfare organizations regarding any licensing or registration requirements for owning Persian cats. Additionally, follow all animal welfare laws and guidelines to ensure proper care for your pet.

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